This is the way the hull looked when I painted it. However the paint failed because I primed it first and my paint did not stick to the primer. I had to strip all the paint, and sand it back to the fiberglass. In places where I sanded all the way to the wood, I had to re-glass it, and then sand, and sand, and sand. Finally I was ready to paint the bottom for the flip. I decided that this time I would avoid the the temptation of painting the entire hull. It makes a lot more sense to do that when I have build the decks and the cabin. But it was so dang beautiful, It’s not easy for me to wait.





Inside the paint booth December 2015. I had to get the bottom painted before we flip the hull. I let the paint cure for more than 30 days to ensure a full cure before attempting to turn this 500 pound hull over and rest it in the cradle.





We successfully flipped the hull Tuesday evening. 02/17/2015

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