A Properly Cleated Line



When you see a line cleated like this one you know a real sailor is responsible. The fewest possible turns, the line pulls against itself holding it fast. Each turn lays nicely beside the other and it is easily released. The extra line is coiled down on the dock. I shot this photo in Sausalito, California. As I walked to our boat, I noticed this example of seamanship and stopped to drink in the simple beauty.

A well lived life is much the same. When something is done right, and with discipline it is admirable. I know how to properly cleat a line and I am actually a bit fanatical about how my lines look at the dock. When you see a line cleated by someone who does not know how, it is usually a mess. Sadly, the rest of my life probably looks more like a messy cleat. I dive into projects learning by making mistakes, trying to fix them and often making it worse. I fail to use the same level of discipline in my daily life as I use when I’m on my boat.

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